Silver Vine: Catnip Alternative

While many cats enjoy catnip, others simply don’t react to it. This isn’t because the catnip isn’t potent enough but because some cats just don’t become stimulated by the plant. Where catnip has failed, silver vine may succeed!

What Is Silver Vine?

Actinidia polygama, also known as silver vine or “cat powder” is a native Actinidiaceae plant to China and Japan, often find on the mountainous regions of both countries. The climbing vine plant produces beautiful white flowers and acorn-shaped fruit that can be used in culinary dishes and cuisines. Medicinally, silver vine has been used to treat a number of ailments including poor circulation and arthritis.

How Do I Give My Cat Silver Vine?

In Asia, it is the most popular treat you can give a cat as it is enjoyed by most and gives the same euphoric reaction as catnip but slightly stronger. When the dried fruit galls are made into a powder, you simply sprinkle some on the floor or your cat’s favorite toy. It is more commonly sold in stick form for easy consumption and treat giving. You may also find it in a herbal blend with catnip.

Is Silver Vine Safe for Cats?

Silver vine has been used for many years now as a cat treat and no ill effects have come from it. For cats who do not react to catnip, most of them will enjoy silver vine. In comparison to other alternatives such as Valerian root and Tatarian honeysuckle, it had the most positive feedback from felines.

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