We all know there are plenty of weird things to be found, read, and purchased online. Sometimes you have to just sit back and laugh at the hilarity that is human nature. While cat toys may seem like harmless fun, thanks to some of the weird and strange crafty humans who somehow managed to make an income using their light boxes… I give you four of the strangest cat toys you can actually buy online!

Catnip Joints

catnip joints
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Nothing says “I love you” like a catnip filled… joint? Seriously, this is a cat toy. I would advise you to stay away and teach Mr. Mittens the dangers of drug use. While it is cute in its own way, it is not my cup of tea. I see the humor and I get it but seriously… We already have enough catnip jokes with cats, no need to add insult to purrjery. Get it? I made a court joke about… oh never mind. Want to buy some? I won’t judge…

Bloody WHAT?

bloody tampon
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These toys have to be the most disturbing on the list. Yes, that is a tampon and THANK GOD it isn’t a real one! I can see the humor because some cats will actually play with them (I am not joking either) but to make a toy of it? Now this is just getting strange!

Cat Butts

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No need to yell at your cat! It is only sniffing a toy butt… Not a real one! These aren’t as out there as the other toys but they still deserve a spot on this list. They are definitely different but the humor is there.The vibrant colors make the toys cute… that is until you realize what they are. Check them out and have a giggle.

Zombie Eyeball

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From the same makers that brought you “Is That My… OH NO!” comes the “Why Did I Leave the Cat Home with My Zombie Eyeball Toy”. While this one may not seem like a big deal compared to the other ones when you really think about it… Like REALLY think about it… It is pretty darn gross! It doesn’t end there either… You can also buy a finger! I’d tell you not to give your cat the finger… but it is a toy so, there ya go.

What is the strangest cat toy you have come across online? Tell us in the comments!

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