Cat not eating

How to Get Your Cat to Eat

Does your cat often snub their food? The reason could be more serious than you think. Here are 7 possible reasons your cat isn’t eating.

Cat meow

Downsides of Cat Ownership

Too many people rush into adopting a cat without realizing the potential downsides. This article lists the potential negatives of cat ownership so you can be prepared.

Black cat on desk

11 Common Cat Myths

There are so many cat myths out there. For example, “cats have 9 lives” – obviously not true! We’ve found 11 common myths about cats and debunk them!

Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

If your cat is experiencing health issues and you aren’t sure what the cause is, don’t rule out a food allergy. Here are common the signs and symptoms.

Cat whiskers

Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

You’ve probably found cat whiskers around the house before and you may wonder, do they grow back? Let’s answer that and talk about why whiskers are important!

Cat nose

Runny Nose in Cats

Cats can have a runny nose for a number of reasons, some serious and others, not so much. Regardless, this is something you need to clear up. Here are the causes and remedies.