Cat in a box

6 Amazing Facts About Cat Nails

A cat’s claws are simply amazing. Each detail is so beautifully crafted, and the nails themselves are a big part of what makes a cat, a cat! Here are 6 facts about cat nails!

Cat sounds

13 Sounds a Cat Makes

The house cat can make over 100 sounds all sounding unique and serving a different purpose, although not every cat will make all sounds. Here are 13 common sounds a cat makes!

Aggressive Cat

Why Is My Cat Angry?

Is your cat angry? Scratching the sofa? Biting people or other pets? We’ll help you understand why that is and how to correct this behavior!

Cat and rabbits

Cats & Small Pets Coexisting

Are you hoping to have a cat in the same house as another small pet such as a bird or rabbit? Be sure to take these points into consideration first!

Ragdoll cat

Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Cat personalities vary greatly between all of the breeds. If you are looking for a friendly house cat to live with your family, these amazing breeds are perfect for you!

Lost Cat

Will My Cat Come Back?

Indoor cats can escape, outdoor cats can run far away and get lost. Here’s what you should do if your cat is lost and how you can prevent them from escaping or running away again!

Cat sleeping

Do Cats Dream?

You have likely noticed when your cat is in a deep sleep, twitching occurs. You can see the mouth, whiskers, legs, and even the tail moving. Are they dreaming?

Cat drooling

Why Is My Cat Drooling?

That old saying of “cats rule, dogs drool!” isn’t entirely correct. Just like dogs, cats can drool too but it’s not for the same reasons and could also be a cause for concern.

Cat kneading

Why Do Cats Knead?

A common behavior in cats is the motion of pushing their paws into something soft, alternating between the left and the right paw which is called “kneading”. Why do cats do this?