Silver Vine: Catnip Alternative

Silver Vine: Catnip Alternative

Many cats enjoy catnip, others simply don’t react to it. Silver vine is a great alternatives for those cats who don’t enjoy catnip the way you’d expect.

Cat playing

Budget-Friendly Cat Toys

Cat toys are diverse and plentiful, but some of them are really expensive. We’ve found the best cat toys money can buy without breaking the bank!

Kitty Kick Stix Review

Kitty Kick Stix Review

These amazing handmade creations will be your cat’s new favorite toy, guaranteed! What are they? Kitty Kick Stix! Here are the reviews for my 2 cats!

Cat Marijuana - Can a Cat Get High?

Can a Cat Get High?

Cats can become exposed to marijuana by inhaling it or eating it dry. In this scenario, you may wonder if your cat can get high and if it’s dangerous.

Cat drooling

Why Is My Cat Drooling?

That old saying of “cats rule, dogs drool!” isn’t entirely correct. Just like dogs, cats can drool too but it’s not for the same reasons and could also be a cause for concern.


The Science of Catnip

We all know cats go wild for catnip, but what is it about the plant that causes such reactions? Let’s take a look at the science of this magical mint plant!