Is Eggnog Safe for Cats?

Is Eggnog Safe for Cats?

During the Christmas season, you’ll want to share the joy with your cat. Lots of foods and drinks are okay, but what about that delicious eggnog?

Cat Christmas Decorations

Cat-Themed Christmas Decorations

Christmas and cats are a purrfect combination! Take a look at our top picks for cat-themed Christmas decorations including lights, stockings, and ornaments!

Cat Christmas

Catsmas vs Catmas

Catsmas season is here! Or is it “Catmas”? While there is no true definition of the holiday, I want to put my own spin on it to help you decide for yourself.

Kitten Christmas tree

5 Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree Options

You might think a tree at Christmas is not an option if you have cats in the house, but you’d be wrong! Here are 5 cat-friendly alternatives to the traditional tree!

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Black Friday Shopping for Cats

Black Friday is the perfect day to do shopping… for your cat! Here are our top tips for finding the best deals on toys, food, and more. Time to spoil your cat!

Kitty Christmas

Meowy Catsmas!

Broken ornaments, knocked over trees, gifts being torn open and all the hair-filled cookies you can eat! This can only mean one thing… Christmas with cats!

Christmas cat

A Cat’s Guide to Christmas

Christmas with your cats is wonderful, and they will help you too! Here are 8 things your cat will do to make Christmas as enjoyable as possible!