Holding kitten

Cats Reduce Stress

Cats have the ability to release “feel good” chemicals in the brain which can not only cut down on stress levels but even ward off depression and anxiety!

Cat burp

Do Cats Burp?

It would seem that while dogs burp quite often, cats seldom do, if at all. If you are wondering if a cat burps or is even capable of burping, science will give you the answer.

Temptations treats

Are Temptations Cat Treats Bad?

Many people are concerned about Temptations cat treats, but are they really a toxic and potentially deadly “treat” or nothing more than junk food for cats?

Stressed Cat

Stress Seizures in Cats

Just like a humans, a cat can have seizures from high amounts of stress or after stressful situations. Here’s how can you help a cat experiencing this.

Cat cucumber

Are Cats Scared of Cucumber?

People seem to believe their cats are scared to death of cucumbers. We explain why they aren’t and also why you should not try scaring your cat with cucumber.

Cat resting

Your Energy Affects Your Cat’s Health

The mind is a powerful thing and science has proven that “mind over matter” is a factual law of energy. Here are three ways your words, actions, and thoughts affect the health of your cat.

Cat Marijuana - Can a Cat Get High?

Can a Cat Get High?

Cats can become exposed to marijuana by inhaling it or eating it dry. In this scenario, you may wonder if your cat can get high and if it’s dangerous.

Female cat

When Do Cats Go into Heat?

While heat cycles don’t really have a set number of months, age and environmental factors play a huge role in when a cat will be ready to further their population. Is your cat about to go into heat?