Cat tongue

7 Facts About Cat Tongues

Cat tongues are very complex, it’s not just a regular tongue with bristles. Here are 7 facts about cat tongues you may not have known!

Pregnant cat

Is My Cat Pregnant?

Cats can become pregnant on their first heat cycle and this can happen as young as 4 months old. So what should you do if you think you have a pregnant cat?

Cat eating grass

Keeping an Indoor Cat Happy

Keeping your cat indoors is the safest option, but there are things you should do to keep them happy. Here are 5 tips to keep your indoor cat happy!

Cat scratching

How to Control Cat Scratching

Cats need to scratch things to keep their nails healthy and while you can’t train your cat to stop this behavior, you can direct it to more appropriate objects.

Kitten in carrier

Bringing Home a Kitten

If you are about to adopt a kitten, you may be wondering how to prepare your home, what toys and food you should buy, and more. Read on for our top tips for bringing home a new kitten!