Cat wearing headphones

Music for Cats

Did you know that cats could enjoy music? Two psychologists at the University of Wisconsin teamed up with a composer and have made music specifically designed for cats to enjoy!

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Cat fart

Do Cats Fart?

A popular question I found on Google, “do cats fart?”. After caring for several cats of all ages over the years, I have the answer to this question!

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Bionic Bird Drone

Cat-Friendly Drone

The Bionic Bird is a beautifully crafted drone that flies just like a bird. With its size and sturdy frame, we think your cat will love chasing it around!

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Do cats sense death?

Do Cats Sense Death?

We all have a certain degree of intuition and this includes animals. As for cats, more and more people are starting to believe they can sense death on a human. Is this even possible?

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