Happy cat

How to Earn a Cat’s Trust

If your cat is not comfortable around you, it may not trust you yet. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to earn the trust and love of your cat.

Watermelon cat

10 Things Your Cat May Enjoy Eating

Cats will sniff anything you put in front of them, and will often eat it too. This includes many thing you wouldn’t expect. From bamboo to Vicks, here are 10 things your cat may enjoy eating!

Cat wearing headphones

Music for Cats

Did you know that cats could enjoy music? Two psychologists at the University of Wisconsin teamed up with a composer and have made music specifically designed for cats to enjoy!

Cat fart

Do Cats Fart?

A popular question I found on Google, “do cats fart?”. After caring for several cats of all ages over the years, I have the answer to this question!

Bionic Bird Drone

Cat-Friendly Drone

The Bionic Bird is a beautifully crafted drone that flies just like a bird. With its size and sturdy frame, we think your cat will love chasing it around!

Do cats sense death?

Do Cats Sense Death?

We all have a certain degree of intuition and this includes animals. As for cats, more and more people are starting to believe they can sense death on a human. Is this even possible?

Cat table

Cat Friendly Furniture Ideas

Adding some creative and cat-friendly furniture to your home will not only cut down on cat tree clutter, but it also makes for a very interesting conversational piece!

10 Ways Your Cat Says

10 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Cats may not be able to verbally describe their love for you, but they can do it with actions. Here are 10 ways your cat says “I love you”. Make sure you say it back!