Should Cats Wear Collars?

Should Cats Wear Collars?

Whether your cat lives indoors or roams outdoors, you may wonder if they should wear a collar. For their safety, the answer is always yes! Here’s why.

Cats in toilet

Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet?

Cats instinctively seek out water sources and if you haven’t provided them any, they may drink from the toilet. This could be dangerous, learn how to correct this behavior.

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Can a Cat Eat Candy Canes?

During the Christmas season, you may want to share the festive food with your cat. Most meat and some vegetables are okay, but what about candy canes?

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Is Pizza Safe For Cats?

Cats enjoy a wide variety of food which isn’t their own cat food, but have you ever wondered, can a cat eat pizza? Let’s break down the ingredients.

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Will My Cat Come Back?

Indoor cats can escape, outdoor cats can run far away and get lost. Here’s what you should do if your cat is lost and how you can prevent them from escaping or running away again!