The Kitten Academy

If you ever find yourself craving a bit of kitten love but can’t adopt one or have cats of your own already, a live stream may be right up your cat-alley! There are quite a number of live streams going on Youtube that center around cats but this by far is my favorite one!

What is Kitten Academy?

Kitten Academy is a place for kittens to learn to cat! Cute? YES! This couple takes in homeless cats (particularly mothers, mothers to be, and kittens) and makes sure they have a healthy start in life. Think of Kitten Academy as a kitten foster home. Once they are old enough they are then adopted out to loving homes. They also adopt out the mothers as well! They work side by side with a local no-kill animal shelter. This is all in an effort to keep kittens and cats out of shelters that eventually put their animals down due to lack of space.

What About the Live Stream?​

The live stream runs 24/7 and features any kittens and mothers they are currently fostering. You get to experience everything they do from feeding and playing, to watching the kittens grow big and strong. It is a wonderful way to learn how kittens grow and what the mother does for them in the process. They document everything along the way with video, pictures, and more.

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Where Can I Find out More?

Who is your favorite Kitten Academy graduate? Let us know in the comments!

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