There are millions of cat videos on YouTube alone, but these 10 have stood the test of time. Here are the top 10 most viewed cat videos on Youtube!

10.) Crazy cat, Loves Water

38,317,910 views and counting
This cat puts all other cats to shame! Guess we have proof now, not all cats hate water after all.

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9.) i r cute kitten

48,050,428 views and counting
What do you get when you add one adorable kitten, horrible grammar, annoying catchy music and a bunch of weird places you probably shouldn’t stick a cat? Forty-five million views… And counting.

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8.) だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat –

49,807,743 views and counting
Skilled hunter and master of teleportation, this cat is sure to make you laugh… Or hide.

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7.) Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

59,382,038 Views and counting
“Nothing is cuter than a kitten”… Well, you are wrong! Try a cat hugging its own kitten!

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6.) Cat Man Do – Simon’s Cat

60,049,117 views and counting
A cat cartoon with the truth. Nothing more needs to be said. Move over Garfield!

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5.) The Two Talking Cats

66,334,370 views and counting
This is the most amazing cat communication the world has yet to see… On video anyway.

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4.) Surprised Kitty (Original)

78,227,361 views and counting
A full-grown man, an annoying baby voice, and an adorable kitten. Lose, lose… WIN!

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3.) The Mean Kitty Song

87,933,886 views and counting
Just when you thought cat lovers weren’t all crazy… THIS IS SPARTA… ‘s owner.

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2.) Very Angry Cat

89,316,903 views and counting
A logical reason why cats just don’t belong in cages. Get to adopting. They need our help. And hey! This one can double as a guard dog!

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1.) Nyan Cat [original]

155,025,049 views and counting
I blame every girl under the age of 12 for this one.

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What is your favorite cat video on YouTube?

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