What Attracts Your Cat?

When it comes to shape, color, and pattern preference, every feline is different. What do I mean by this? Cats do see colors, but very different to us. The colors your cat sees are duller and not as bright. Certain colors pop out a lot more for them than others. Bright green and orange are two examples of colors that pop more. Blacks and whites also appear to make things seem larger and more inviting than other color combinations as well. As for shapes, cats are naturally drawn to the sphere because of the way their eyes detect them. This is why many cat toys are balls. You may be wondering what your cat prefers when it comes to color, shape, and pattern. This can be easily learned by watching their behavior.

Behavior with Toys

When it comes to toys, every cat has a favorite. Some cats will pick one toy while others may pick one type of toy they enjoy playing with the most. I find that a lot of cats that are drawn to pom pom balls don’t seem interested in much else that isn’t ball-shaped while cats who like mice and feathers are more open to playing with just about anything. Certain colors may attract your cat more than others as well. 

Behavior with Rooms

Cats will naturally prefer one room in the house over most others. This can be because of the windows, the sound, the color, or the objects in the room. Pay attention to where your cat prefers to sleep and what they enjoy sleeping on the most. Some cats will be more drawn to duller rooms: Ones in black, white, and neutral, while others will prefer brighter colored rooms.

Behavior with Clothing

Did you know certain clothing items you wear can affect your cat’s mood? When you know what their favorite colors are, wearing them more around your cat will give them a more relaxed vibe. Certain patterns and shapes of clothing can make this vary depending on how picky and uptight or welcoming and relaxed your cat is.

Colors to check with your cat: Orange, Red, Pink, Green, Black, White/Grey
Shapes to check with your cat: Spheres, Squares, Misshapen Items, Arrow/Feather Shapes
Patterns to check with your cat: Leopard, Zebra/Tiger, Zig-Zag, Polka Dot, Swirls. Stripes
Color Combinations: White + Black, Red + White, Green + Black, Pink + Orange/Green

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