Wheatgrass Benefits for Cats

Wheatgrass has been gaining popularity over the last few years and it is no surprise why. This super rich antioxidant is packed with many minerals and vitamins making it the perfect natural supplement for us humans. It does not stop there. Wheatgrass is also very beneficial to cats as well!

Wheatgrass Benefits for Cats

  • Chlorophyll – Wheatgrass contains an amazing amount of chlorophyll, up to 70%! Chlorophyll is a natural blood booster which not only cleanses the blood but helps to keep it healthy! It also slows down the aging process making it a great addition to an older cat’s diet.

  • Weight-loss – Because wheatgrass as a juice is so condensed, it naturally turns off the appestat in the brain thus, causing your cat to eat less. In one ounce of this powerful juice, the nutritional value is that of 2 pounds of produce!

  • Enhances Fertility/Balances hormones – This is good for cats that are being bred regularly or one who is currently pregnant. The high counts of magnesium in wheatgrass produces enzymes which help bind and heal sex hormones.

  • Hairballs – Since wheatgrass naturally eases and helps the digestion process, it can help control or even eliminate hairballs in most cats. This is good news for your feet!

  • Dry Skin – If your kitty suffers from dry skin or flaking, most of the time this is due to issues in the gut. Wheatgrass naturally eliminates bad bacteria whilst helping good bacteria in the gut flourish! This will leave your cat with soft skin and a beautiful coat!

  • Pain Relief – Just like in humans, wheatgrass helps ease the pains of arthritis by restoring the bones and muscle tissue with rich amounts of minerals in cats. It is also said to act as a nerve tonic for older cats who have pains from general mobility.

  • Removes Heavy Metals & Fluoride – Wheatgrass naturally binds and removes heavy metals from the body of any living organism and also removes fluoride, even from the water! It only takes one ounce to the gallon as well. This is not only good news for your kitty but you too!

  • Eyes – Since wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins A, E, and C, it makes for the perfect supplement for cats with eye troubles or just elderly cats in general.

  • Dental Health – Wheatgrass is said to not only cure issues in the teeth and gums but even prevent tooth decay! This is good news for felines with grain sensitivities which is known to cause tooth loss in cats.

How to Feed Wheatgrass to Your Cat

While some cats may enjoy the taste of wheatgrass juice, some may not find it appealing. In this case, you can use powdered wheatgrass and add it to their wet food for the nutritional boost. 

Another option is to simply grow the grass in your home and allow your cat to graze on it in its natural form. Most cats really enjoy it this way!

cat eating wheatgrass
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Where to Buy Wheatgrass

In most cases, wheatgrass is actually sold as “cat grass” in pet stores. This means you can easily get a kit and have live grass all year round in your home for your kitty! If you are looking for the powder option to add to your cat’s food, it can be found at most general health food stores. I recommend NOW Foods as it is the one I use myself for both me and my kitties.

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Since giving small amounts of powdered wheatgrass to my cats (aged 11 and 9) they seem to have more energy. Their coats are really soft now too!
Thank you for spreading the word on this nutritive grass for cats!


Good to know, thanks!


Thanks for the info, I’ll try it!