Why Cats Love Boxes

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

Cats love confined spaces, and cardboard boxes are perfect for this. It doesn’t matter what size it is, cats just can’t get enough of their cardboard homes!

It’s like Christmas morning to a cat when you get a large online order delivered. Whether you completely unpacked the box or not, chances are if your cat sees it, they will want to climb inside. Some cats will hop in and out, others will roll around and scratch it.

What makes boxes so appealing to cats?

It’s All About Instincts

What boxes offer to cats is the same thing a nice home offers to us, security. Cats naturally love boxes because most have only one opening and 4 walls. In the wild cats will often hide in similar areas that offer covering from 4 sides whilst hunting. This strategy keeps them hidden from their prey and even other predators allowing them to focus on the kill.

Cats also love small spaces as they offer better protection. They have fewer areas to watch and they can cuddle up into a small ball for a nice, long sleep.

Boxes are a simple, inexpensive way to treat your kitty. Instead of spending tons of money on cat furniture at the pet store, recycle your boxes and let your cats have some fun. If you add some of your cat’s favorite toys into an empty box, be prepared for a treat! Add in a blanket and there is a good chance it will be your cat’s new sleeping spot.

Take your boxes to the next level

Check out our post on DIY boxes and towers to really treat your cat: DIY Cardboard Box Homes And Towers For Cats

A More Permanent Option

If you would like to get your cat a box that can’t easily be destroyed, there are various options available in pet stores and online. Some of these cubes double as beds too. Below are just a few options you can check out for yourself:

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