Why Cats Will Never Be Domesticated

Last Updated on March 25, 2020

The word “domesticated” implies that said animal is able to live, coexist, and adapt to a certain lifestyle, that of a human standard. When I hear people say cats are domesticated, they are under the belief that they are just as dogs are. The biggest difference between having a domestic dog and a cat who has “somewhat” adapted to a home with humans, is that they are pack animals – cats simply aren’t.

Circumstances Make a Difference

Your argument may be to bring up the wild cats in the zoo or even the wild lion prides. The difference here is BOTH examples are under different circumstances. A lion pride is run by one dominant male whose sole purpose is to bring more male lions into the world to have their own pride form. Zoo cats are often in pairs of male and female. Some will have more, some will only have one cat by itself. Just like house cats, they too are adapted to these living situations. This does not make them domesticated.

5 Reasons Cats Will Never Be Domesticated

A cat’s style of play alone should show they are still wild at heart. Animals who hunt as a form of play are not domesticated. I know that sounds harsh but people need to understand this. Yes, they will adapt to living with us, other cats, and even dogs – but this does not make them domestic.

When it comes to a house cat there are 5 reasons they will never be domesticated:

  • They are not pack oriented animals.
  • They do not enjoy sharing.
  • They view you as a cat, not a superior.
  • They enjoy time spent alone.
  • They can not be trusted, trained, or tamed 100%.

Cats Are Not Pack Animals

Unlike dogs, you cannot train a cat to do what you want on command and have them do it 98% of the time. You will be lucky to reach 50% with constant training. This is not to say cats can’t learn tricks! They cannot be trusted because they have a self-centered survival tactic as part of their DNA make-up to survive. This means they look out for themselves before anyone else if life-threatening dangers ensued. Cats also enjoy spending time alone which is why it is rare to find a cat who actually enjoys being picked up, cuddled, and slept with. I have cared for over a dozen cats in my life and only 2 of them enjoyed cuddling – the rest did it when they wanted to and that was it. 

Wild Genetics!

Your house cat’s closest wild relative is the beautiful tiger. They share nearly 100% of the same DNA! Learn more about this fact by reading: Tigers & House Cats Share 95.6% DNA

You, as a person – to your cat – are not a person. Yes that sounds confusing, but unlike dogs, they do not look to you as a superior, but an equal. This is why many believe dogs to make better pets as they submit to their owner. Cats also do not enjoy sharing and this can be seen when more than one cat is in the home. They don’t like sharing food, toys, or you! Heck, they will insist for you to share, but God forbid you want them to! And back to my main point – They just are not pack animals. I love cats and will always own them, but I know they are still wild creatures instinctively and at heart.

Cats are semi-domesticated at best and it is about time people started understanding that. Understanding this will not only cut back on feline abuse but further ensure people will not attempt to own larger wild cats as “pets”.

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