Your Energy Affects Your Cat’s Health

Last Updated on March 26, 2020

More and more people are beginning to understand how the spiritual and energy perspectives of life work. The mind is a powerful thing and science has proven that “mind over matter” is a factual law of energy. When it comes to your thoughts, many of your words stem from these. With your words comes energy. Someone who constantly lives in worry, fear, and stress… Well, they give off negative energy fields. Because a cat can’t “speak” words of negativity, they can only absorb them. Here are three ways your words, actions, and thoughts affect the health of your cat (as well as other animals in your home).


When you are stressed out, you tend to be quick to anger. Speaking loudly and yelling can easily stress out a cat. Cats have a superior hearing for one thing which makes everything we do loudly, about 4 x’s as loud to their ears. You stressing out and fighting with a friend, a spouse, or a child can not only disrupt a cat’s hearing but give them serious migraines. This contributes to stress levels rising and I don’t need to explain what stress does to a living organism.


Like humans, cats and other animals have the ability to sense energy shifts from other living beings. Even when you are not speaking or acting out in fear or stress, your mind can be. Your cat can not only sense this but actually counteract it in a negative way. Their emotions can reflect your bad thoughts directly on how they are in your mind. This means that worrying about the bills can cause your cat to worry. Since your cat doesn’t understand what “bills” are, they don’t know why they are worrying which will stress them out even more. We also let off scents that change depending on our thoughts and emotions. While we can’t smell them, your cat certainly can! Thanks to our hormones, it is nearly impossible to hide our thoughts from animals.


When you speak, act, and even think negatively, your energy shifts from “life” to “death”. This not only affects the health of your own body but also anyone close to you; including your cat. Since your cat cannot simply “take time away” from you when you are in a negative state of mind, it is forced to absorb it. Science has found that plants can, in fact, hear our words and it greatly affects the growth and lifespan of each and every one of them. If our words are able to kill a plant, imagine what they can do to a cat.

Have you considered meditation with your cat?

When you are stressed, scared, or just having negative thoughts or emotions it is best to take care of these. It is important to release negativity from your being not only for your own health and safety but your cat’s as well. Taking up meditation can be a very easy way to relax and accept positive energy. Doing this with your cat can form a bond, ease your stress as well as your cat’s stress, and even cause you both to live longer healthier lives.

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