Cat at the vet

FIV+ Cats: The Facts

Too many FIV-positive cats are put into shelters and never make it out because of a stigma attached to them. Let’s look at the facts and why you should adopt an FIV+ cat.

Cat meow

Downsides of Cat Ownership

Too many people rush into adopting a cat without realizing the potential downsides. This article lists the potential negatives of cat ownership so you can be prepared.

cat smelling tree

Cat Spraying vs Urinating

A common complaint among cat owners is spraying or “marking” areas around the house. This is often confused with bad litter box behavior.

Chagas Disease And Your Cat

Chagas Disease And Your Cat

The feces of this pest can cause what is known as Chagas Disease. Contact with this parasite be very severe for cats and there is no known cure.

Cat Dementia: Causes & Signs

Does My Cat Have Dementia?

Many of us have experienced Dementia with a loved one, but did you know cats can have Dementia too? Here are some common causes and signs to look for.

Manx Syndrome

What Is Manx Syndrome?

Manx Syndrome is a genetic mutation that causes Manx cats to develop their spinal cord irregularly and have either a shortened or missing tail.