Human petting cat

Cats Need Attention

You may think a cat is totally independent, a buy-and-forget pet almost, but this is not true at all! Your cat needs attention from you and may act up if they don’t get it.

Kitten bottle feeding

How to Bottle Feed a Kitten

Do you need to bottle feed a kitten but aren’t sure how? This article will help you buy the right products and teach you how to properly feed a kitten.

Stressed Cat

Stress Seizures in Cats

Just like a humans, a cat can have seizures from high amounts of stress or after stressful situations. Here’s how can you help a cat experiencing this.

Cat resting

Your Energy Affects Your Cat’s Health

The mind is a powerful thing and science has proven that “mind over matter” is a factual law of energy. Here are three ways your words, actions, and thoughts affect the health of your cat.

Cat with child

Cats Make Great First Pets for Children

Many parents choose to buy fish or rodents as a first pet for their children, but, I believe the best option is a cat! Here are a few reasons why cats make great first pets for children!

Deaf cat

Caring for a Deaf Cat

Older cats have a greater chance of becoming deaf, but it can happen at any age. If you have a deaf cat, you have to understand some things and make their life as easy as can be.

Cat in a box

6 Amazing Facts About Cat Nails

A cat’s claws are simply amazing. Each detail is so beautifully crafted, and the nails themselves are a big part of what makes a cat, a cat! Here are 6 facts about cat nails!

Aggressive Cat

Why Is My Cat Angry?

Is your cat angry? Scratching the sofa? Biting people or other pets? We’ll help you understand why that is and how to correct this behavior!

Cat and rabbits

Cats & Small Pets Coexisting

Are you hoping to have a cat in the same house as another small pet such as a bird or rabbit? Be sure to take these points into consideration first!