Cat with rabbit in mouth

Help! My Cat Found A Rabbit Nest

If your cat finds a rabbit nest, you may be wondering what you should do. We propose three options with extra details should you want to care for any baby rabbits.

Ginger cat belly

Did My Cat’s Nipple Fall Off?

If you’ve ever rubbed your cat’s belly and felt like something detached from it, you might wonder if it was a nipple. Chances are, it probably isn’t.

Colorful cats

What Colors Do Cats Like?

Cats see most colors very differently to humans and do have preferences. White could be scary whilst others may be soothing. Let’s explore what colors your cat likes!

Hyper cat

Why Is My Cat Hyper?

If you’ve owned cats for long enough, you know how crazy they can be! Sudden bursts of energy come from nowhere. Where does this energy come from? Why do cats get hyper?

Cat at the vet

FIV+ Cats: The Facts

Too many FIV-positive cats are put into shelters and never make it out because of a stigma attached to them. Let’s look at the facts and why you should adopt an FIV+ cat.

Cat in bed

Will Cats Eat Bed Bugs?

Getting bed bugs in your home can become a nightmare pretty quickly if they are not rid of. You might wonder if your cat will eat them or keep them away, let’s answer these questions!

Cat meow

Downsides of Cat Ownership

Too many people rush into adopting a cat without realizing the potential downsides. This article lists the potential negatives of cat ownership so you can be prepared.

Black cat on desk

11 Common Cat Myths

There are so many cat myths out there. For example, “cats have 9 lives” – obviously not true! We’ve found 11 common myths about cats and debunk them!

Why Do Cats Have Arm Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Arm Whiskers?

Cats have whiskers about one inch up each leg from the bend of the paw. Why do they have them and what purpose do they serve? Let’s explore arm whiskers!