Cat Christmas Decorations

Cat-Themed Christmas Decorations

Christmas and cats are a purrfect combination! Take a look at our top picks for cat-themed Christmas decorations including lights, stockings, and ornaments!

Top 5 Cat Litter Boxes

Top 5 Cat Litter Boxes

Cat litter boxes come in so many shapes and sizes and with many features that it may be hard to decide, so, here are our top 5 litter boxes to help you choose!

Mario Cat Perch

Nintendo-Themed Cat Perch

If you are a fan of Nintendo, this may be the DIY cat furniture idea you’ve been looking for! This is an easy project for anyone to do that doesn’t cost very much.

Kitten with toy

Entertainment for Cats

You want a happy cat, but they all enjoy different things. Here’s how to entertain your cat for each of the 5 senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Cat Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners for Cats!

If you spend enough time online, chances are you have heard of a “fidget spinner”. Don’t get what the point is? Neither do I, but they are a pretty fun cat toy!

Catit Flower Fountain Review

Catit Flower Fountain Review

Most cats prefer moving water which means fountains are a great choice. The Catit Flower Fountain combines great looks and functions at an affordable price.

Cat tunnel

Cat Tunnels

Most cats seem to really enjoy tunnels! I have looked at many options and have found one for each kind of kitty out there. What tunnel-type is your cat?

Cat shopping cart

Black Friday Shopping for Cats

Black Friday is the perfect day to do shopping… for your cat! Here are our top tips for finding the best deals on toys, food, and more. Time to spoil your cat!

Cat kangaroo hoodie

Kitty Kangaroo Mewgaroo Hoodie

With this hoodie you not only get the adorable cat ears and paw-like hand covers BUT you also get a pouch designed to carry your cat! I am not kitten around!

Kitty Christmas

Meowy Catsmas!

Broken ornaments, knocked over trees, gifts being torn open and all the hair-filled cookies you can eat! This can only mean one thing… Christmas with cats!