Mario Cat Perch

Nintendo-Themed Cat Perch

If you are a fan of Nintendo, this may be the DIY cat furniture idea you’ve been looking for! This is an easy project for anyone to do that doesn’t cost very much.

The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher

The QuickSnap™ cat scratcher is changing the game for cats with their one of a kind design. Not only will this be a cat scratcher you love, but it will be the only one you’ll ever need!

Cat table

Cat Friendly Furniture Ideas

Adding some creative and cat-friendly furniture to your home will not only cut down on cat tree clutter, but it also makes for a very interesting conversational piece!

Cat scratching

How to Control Cat Scratching

Cats need to scratch things to keep their nails healthy and while you can’t train your cat to stop this behavior, you can direct it to more appropriate objects.