Cat in Box

Why Cats Love Boxes

Cats love confined spaces, and cardboard boxes are perfect for this. It doesn’t matter what size it is, cats just can’t get enough of their cardboard homes, but why?

Mario Cat Perch

Nintendo-Themed Cat Perch

If you are a fan of Nintendo, this may be the DIY cat furniture idea you’ve been looking for! This is an easy project for anyone to do that doesn’t cost very much.

Kitten Christmas tree

5 Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree Options

You might think a tree at Christmas is not an option if you have cats in the house, but you’d be wrong! Here are 5 cat-friendly alternatives to the traditional tree!

Origami cat

Amazingly Simple Cat Crafts

Whether you are a cat lover or know someone who is, these cat crafts make very fun and personal gifts! They are very basic crafting concepts that just about anyone can do.