Cat looking at vegetables

What Vegetables Can Cats Eat?

Does your cat enjoy vegetables? You may be wondering which vegetables are safe for your cat to eat and how often they should eat them. Some vegetables should never be given to a cat.

Cat eating from dish

Healthy Treats for Cats

Cat treats can be loaded with bad ingredients. If you want your cat to enjoy a healthier snack, take a look at our picks for the best healthy treats for cats!

Cat not eating

How to Get Your Cat to Eat

Does your cat often snub their food? The reason could be more serious than you think. Here are 7 possible reasons your cat isn’t eating.

Cat eating from bowl

Maca Root for Cats

Maca root is an amazing superfood. It’s highly nutritious and has a long list of benefits not only for humans, but also cats! Let’s look at the benefits of maca root for cats!

Kitten eating

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

Cat food manufacturers suggest feeding your cat huge quantities of food and it’s totally wrong. Here’s how much you should really be feeding your cat!

Cat meow

Downsides of Cat Ownership

Too many people rush into adopting a cat without realizing the potential downsides. This article lists the potential negatives of cat ownership so you can be prepared.

Is Eggnog Safe for Cats?

Is Eggnog Safe for Cats?

During the Christmas season, you’ll want to share the joy with your cat. Lots of foods and drinks are okay, but what about that delicious eggnog?

Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

Signs of Food Allergies in Cats

If your cat is experiencing health issues and you aren’t sure what the cause is, don’t rule out a food allergy. Here are common the signs and symptoms.