Cat with rabbit in mouth

Help! My Cat Found A Rabbit Nest

If your cat finds a rabbit nest, you may be wondering what you should do. We propose three options with extra details should you want to care for any baby rabbits.

Cat laying on blanket

Symptoms of Stress in Cats

Is your cat having issues a vet can’t diagnose? Stress may be their issue. This article lists many potential symptoms of stress and offers solutions to keep your cat happy.

Cat in litter box

Male Cat Can’t Pee

It’s not unheard of for a cat to struggle to urinate. With female cats, it’s usually no issue but with males, it could be a medical emergency. Learn why your male cat can’t pee!

Cat hair loss

Stress-Induced Hair Loss in Cats

Feline Psychogenic Alopecia is a rare psychogenic disease that is believed to be caused primarily by mental and emotional stress. Here are the symptoms, causes, and how to treat it.

cat smelling tree

Cat Spraying vs Urinating

A common complaint among cat owners is spraying or “marking” areas around the house. This is often confused with bad litter box behavior.

Do Cats Know What “No” Means?

Do Cats Know What “No” Means?

Dogs clearly understand verbal commands. Your cat can also understand you when you tell them “no” or issue any other verbal command, but not in the way you’d think.

Cat Flehman Response

Your Cat’s Sixth Sense

Cats share the same 5 senses as humans, but they also have a curious sixth sense. Do you know what it is? Let’s explore the “Flehman Response”!

Redirected Aggression in Cats

Redirected Aggression in Cats

Does your cat get aggressive for no reason? For some cats, this is an issue of a bipolar disorder but for many others, it’s redirected aggression.

Cat Purr

Do All Cats Purr?

One of the best things about cats is the beautiful hum they make when enjoying a snuggle or a pet. You might assume that all cats can purr, but is this true?