Cat with rabbit in mouth

Help! My Cat Found A Rabbit Nest

If your cat finds a rabbit nest, you may be wondering what you should do. We propose three options with extra details should you want to care for any baby rabbits.

Why Do Cats Have Arm Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Arm Whiskers?

Cats have whiskers about one inch up each leg from the bend of the paw. Why do they have them and what purpose do they serve? Let’s explore arm whiskers!

Cat laser pointer

Are Laser Pointers Inhumane?

A laser pointer, whilst not intended as a cat toy, is very often used to have fun with cats. What if the one having fun is you and not your cat? Do cats even enjoy laser pointers?

Cat meat

Best Meats for Your Cat

Have you considered what your cat would cat and eat in the wild? It surely won’t be a pig! Here is a list of the best meats for your cat, and other meats to use sparingly.

Cat vs Snake

Will a Cat Keep Snakes Away?

Most areas that are surrounded by lots of trees, creeks, and wildlife or desert areas like in Arizona have one thing in common: Snakes. Will a house cat keep snakes away from your home?

Bionic Bird Drone

Cat-Friendly Drone

The Bionic Bird is a beautifully crafted drone that flies just like a bird. With its size and sturdy frame, we think your cat will love chasing it around!

10 Ways Your Cat Says

10 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Cats may not be able to verbally describe their love for you, but they can do it with actions. Here are 10 ways your cat says “I love you”. Make sure you say it back!

Cat and rabbits

Cats & Small Pets Coexisting

Are you hoping to have a cat in the same house as another small pet such as a bird or rabbit? Be sure to take these points into consideration first!

Cat in Greece

Cats in Greece

Planning a vacation to Greece? I sure hope you like cats! The cat population can be quite overwhelming for someone who is not prepared for it.