Black cat on desk

11 Common Cat Myths

There are so many cat myths out there. For example, “cats have 9 lives” – obviously not true! We’ve found 11 common myths about cats and debunk them!

Cat Purr

Do All Cats Purr?

One of the best things about cats is the beautiful hum they make when enjoying a snuggle or a pet. You might assume that all cats can purr, but is this true?

Jumping Cat

Is My Cat Autistic?

There are so many mental illnesses that humans can potentially have, and lots of these can be found in the animal kingdom, too. What about cats and autism?

Petting Cat

What is a Purr?

Why cats purr is not exact science, but many believe it to be a form similar to that of a human’s smile. This could be because they are happy, scared, or something else entirely..

Sad Cat

3 Tips to End Cat Puking for Good

If you have a cat who pukes often, you may be wondering what is going on. Puking is not normal in cats. Here are 3 tips to help a cat with a puking problem!

Cat sniffing

Why Do Cats Sniff Everything?

You may have noticed that your cat will sniff almost anything you put in front of it, even if it is not food. Have you ever wondered why cats do this?

Cats in toilet

Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet?

Cats instinctively seek out water sources and if you haven’t provided them any, they may drink from the toilet. This could be dangerous, learn how to correct this behavior.

Cat shedding

Hair Pulling in Cats

Cats should not be pulling out their hair. If your cat is doing this, it could be for a number of reasons including stress, allergies, infections or fleas.