Black cat on desk

11 Common Cat Myths

There are so many cat myths out there. For example, “cats have 9 lives” – obviously not true! We’ve found 11 common myths about cats and debunk them!

Cat vs Dog

Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers

Did you know people often have different traits depending on which pet they prefer? Let’s take a look at how cat lovers differ from dog lovers!

Cat sleeping with rope

Is My Cat Sleeping Too Much?

Most people underestimate just how much a cat can sleep. If you are wondering if your cat sleeps too much, this article should help put some worries you have at ease.

Holding kitten

Cats Reduce Stress

Cats have the ability to release “feel good” chemicals in the brain which can not only cut down on stress levels but even ward off depression and anxiety!

Cat burp

Do Cats Burp?

It would seem that while dogs burp quite often, cats seldom do, if at all. If you are wondering if a cat burps or is even capable of burping, science will give you the answer.

Cat cucumber

Are Cats Scared of Cucumber?

People seem to believe their cats are scared to death of cucumbers. We explain why they aren’t and also why you should not try scaring your cat with cucumber.

Cat with child

Cats Make Great First Pets for Children

Many parents choose to buy fish or rodents as a first pet for their children, but, I believe the best option is a cat! Here are a few reasons why cats make great first pets for children!