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Healthy Treats for Cats

Cat treats can be loaded with bad ingredients. If you want your cat to enjoy a healthier snack, take a look at our picks for the best healthy treats for cats!

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Downsides of Cat Ownership

Too many people rush into adopting a cat without realizing the potential downsides. This article lists the potential negatives of cat ownership so you can be prepared.

Keeping Cats Warm

Keeping Cats Warm

During the cold season, you might be looking for ways to keep your cat warm. Here are 5 ideas to help your cat stay warm and cozy all winter!

Cat Eating Meat

Should I Feed My Cat Red Meat?

Not many people consider what kinds of meat they should be feeding their cat. What if some meat is not as ideal for them? Let’s talk about cats and red meat.

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3 Tips to End Cat Puking for Good

If you have a cat who pukes often, you may be wondering what is going on. Puking is not normal in cats. Here are 3 tips to help a cat with a puking problem!

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Avoiding Corn, Grains, and Soy

Finding a healthier cat food that doesn’t contain corn, grains or soy can be difficult. We explain why these 3 ingredients should be avoided and suggest alternative food.

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Hairballs That Get Stuck

Hairballs are part of your cat’s natural grooming process and on average are coughed up at least once every 2 months, but, sometimes they can get stuck. Here’s what to do next..

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Cat Bowls: What to Buy

Cat bowls come in many shapes, sizes and materials, but which is the best? This guide will help you choose the best bowl for your cat based on size, depth and material!

Cats in toilet

Why Does My Cat Drink from the Toilet?

Cats instinctively seek out water sources and if you haven’t provided them any, they may drink from the toilet. This could be dangerous, learn how to correct this behavior.