Stressed Cat

Stress Seizures in Cats

…will help you keep your cat happy and healthy. What Causes Stress Seizures? The short answer is obvious; STRESS! While it can take a lot of stress to make this…

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Stressed cat

Symptoms of Stress in Cats

…the tests available to rule out any medical conditions yet on paper, your cat is perfectly healthy, you may want to consider stress being the main culprit. What Can Stress

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Kitten in litter box

Stress Cystitis in Cats

It is no secret that stress can cause health complications within the body. For cats who are more “stress-sensitive”, they can be prone to things like Feline Idiopathic Cystitis. We…

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Cat hair loss

Stress-Induced Hair Loss in Cats

…name implies, Feline Psychogenic Alopecia is a rare psychogenic disease that is believed to be caused primarily by mental and emotional stress. When a cat is suffering from stress, they…

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Holding kitten

Cats Reduce Stress

…not only cut down on stress levels but even ward off depression and anxiety!  How Do Cats Relieve Stress? Biologically speaking, all humans are wired to be drawn to babies…

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Cat shedding

Hair Pulling in Cats

…Cats A cat could be pulling its hair for many reasons, but these are the most common: Stress Allergies Skin Infection Fleas/Mites Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies Stress Stress is one of the…

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