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Last Updated on April 11, 2020

Lots of cats prefer to be able to go outdoors. However, allowing your cat to freely roam the neighborhood is never a good idea. There are plenty of dangers out there including moving cars, other animals, toxic chemicals, ticks, and more. The solution? A Catio!

If you’ve never heard the term “Catio” you may be confused. It’s just a cute way of saying “cat patio”. These are a great way to allow your cat to get fresh air and sunshine without worrying about predators or runaway cats.

You can use enclosures that are designed for dogs or you can be more creative and go for a catio! The main difference to an outdoor dog run or kennel is that a catio is made specifically with your cat in mind. There are businesses popping up all over that will actually come to your home and build one for you!

There are also kits that can be found at hardware stores that work great for cats despite typically being marketed for rabbits and chickens. The find the best way to get a catio is to either pay someone to build one or to build one yourself!

Different Types of Catio

Below are some great examples of Catios that you can buy or attempt building yourself. They can be smaller in size as well if you prefer.

Benefits of Catios

  • Fresh Air
  • Access to the outdoors without supervision
  • Safe and secure for your cat
  • Sunshine for vitamin D3
  • Eliminates boredom which is known to cause destructive behaviors in cats
  • Natural stimulation for brain health

Don’t Have Space or Money?

No problem! A catio isn’t the only option to allow your cat some time outside. You can also train your cat to walk on a leash and enjoy the time outside with them.

We’ve written a guide on this which you can read here: How To Walk Your Cat On A Leash

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