Kitty Kangaroo Mewgaroo Hoodie

Last Updated on March 28, 2020

When it comes to fashion in the crazy cat lady (or crazy cat man) world, nothing seems to be too outrageous. From cat ear headbands to paw mittens, and even cat-themed hoodies with tails! The Mewgaroo has taken the love of cats to a whole new level. With this hoodie, you not only get the adorable cat ears and paw-like hand covers BUT you also get a pouch designed to carry your cat! I am not kitten around!

A Hoodie for Cat Lovers

What makes these hoodies great is that they were designed to be worn with your cat! Each design features a handy slip that snaps in and out-of-place inside of the pouch making it super easy to clean. The drawstrings on the hood act as toys for your kitty to enjoy while lounging around with you. Not only can this hoodie be used with cats, but smaller dog breeds and ferrets enjoy them as well.

UPDATE! These hoodies now come in American sizing (the original hoodie only) and are available in sizes medium to XXL. The standard sizing is considerably smaller so size up 2 sizes if you want to get one of the other designs. You can get more information on the American sized Mewgaroo here!

One Mewgaroo – Four Different Styles

  • Original hoodie with paw print thumb cut-out wrist cuffs (available in gray, off-white, and black + yellow and purple special editions)
  • Over-sized hoodie with a larger fit and larger pocket to hold bigger cats (available in gray and navy blue)
  • Sleeveless hoodie perfect for summer/warmer weather (available in navy blue)
  • Full body onesie complete with tail for lounging around the house on cold nights (available in orange, calico, black, and white)

Information and Where to Buy

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