Can a Cat Eat Candy Canes?

Tis the season to bring out all kinds of festive decorations, blankets, and everything MINT! We all know how curious cats can be, especially around this time of year, so you may be wondering – Are candy canes toxic to cats?

Candy Canes

Cat candy cane gif

You can rest assured that candy canes are not toxic to felines. Some may lick or chew them out of curiosity and quickly regret it when they get a cold sensation on their tongues. Just because they aren’t toxic does not mean they are healthy! Most candy canes do have high fructose corn syrup and can cause a cat to have digestive issues including gas, cramps, and diarrhea. If kitty is curious or already was, you should not have anything to worry about.

Other Mints

Mint, in general, is something that most cats will turn their noses away from. This is especially true for stronger mints like spearmint. All plants in the mint family are safe. If your kitty should digest some be it in plant, tea, or sweet form, you don’t have to worry about them becoming deathly ill. The most common thing a cat may try to lick is peppermint flavored creams, especially ice cream. You will likely get the same reaction my cats gave me after sticking their noses in my bowl – A lot of weird looks, licking, paw shaking, and running out the room. Unlike dogs, they don’t like the cold sensation!

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My cat just stole my candy can and ATE ALL OF IT I don’t know why he did but I was really worried, thanks! he’s trying to get the rest of the candy out of my mouth as I type)


This reminds me of a time that I got very worried because I left a multiple vitamin on the table. I was afraid that eating it would hurt my cat. Luckily, I do not think that they are harmful to cats, and she didn’t eat it anyway. I guess I am just pretty paranoid, especially when it comes to my furry friend. :3