Diarrhea: What to Do About Your Cat’s Poo

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

When it comes to a cat’s pooping habits, going loose is simply not healthy or normal no matter the age or what you vet may think. The number one cause of a cat going loose or having ongoing diarrhea is their food. Addressing your cat’s diet is what should be done first. Here are 5 things you can do to help your cat out right now!

Give Your Cat Pedialyte

Yes, that stuff you give to babies and toddlers to prevent dehydration. You want to get clear, unflavored Pedialyte and mix it 50/50 in their water. Do this for a maximum of 3 days, then do 6 days off. Keep doing this until diarrhea has stopped to prevent dehydration. Most cats aren’t bothered by it at all. Just make sure you do not get the flavored kind!

Try Some Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a great vegetable that is not only healthy for your cat but great at stopping diarrhea. Be sure to buy an unsweetened pumpkin and simply mix half a teaspoon into some canned/wet food. Give this to them twice a day until diarrhea has stopped. In most cases, it should stiffen up the stool in less than 72 hours. This works great for dogs and puppies as well. Some cats may even like the taste of it.

Adjust the Feeding Schedule

If your cat is not on a strict feeding schedule, it can actually cause puking and diarrhea. You want to feed your cat at the same time day in and day out. They will learn your schedule and their body will actually prepare itself for a meal which means the digestion of the food is better. Two to four feedings a day are fine. Just be sure to do it to your cat’s needs. If your cat is prone to puking, smaller meals more frequently are best.

Get Your Cat Tested

Parasites are known to cause diarrhea and bowel issues. If you suspect your kitty to be infested with the little buggers, be sure to get them checked. There are natural alternatives to kills them off but for more severe infestations, it is best to use medication to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Keep in mind, even if your cat doesn’t go outdoors there are several different bugs that can find their way into your home and if your cat eats one, it could give them parasites. Check out 5 Bugs That Can Give Your Cat Parasites to see the most common ones!

Importance of Sulfur Levels

A cat who is low on sulfur can become progressively sicker. A common sign of a surfer deficiency is diarrhea. You can fix this by buying MSM capsules in 1000 mg and pouring half a capsule over food a day. Do not worry, whatever your cat’s body does not need, it will be expelled. And here is another great thing about using a sulfur supplement… The poop doesn’t smell as bad!

Check Your House Plants

If you have a cat who liked to chew on things, be sure to check that your houseplants are safe! This goes double for fake plants and other objects they should not be chewing on. Eating or digesting certain plants can cause a cat to have stomach upsets which will lead to diarrhea.

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    • Thanks for your comment Matthew. Yes, it can cause diarrhea and other stomach issues. It depends on the individual cat. If your kitty has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and diarrhea is a concern, you should mention this to your vet. It can lead to dehydration if it is not remedied.


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