Do Cats Fart?

Among the various other odd questions we find ourselves asking Google at 2 AM, “Do cats fart?” seems to be a popular one. After caring for several cats of all ages over the years, I have learned the answer to this question.

Do Cats Fart?

When we consider a human fart we always think of the sound first. This is the reason so many people believe cats do not fart. The definition of “farting” is to omit gas from the anus. By definition, anything with an intestinal build up can release gas through the butt or mouth. Even birds can fart although it is not common because they have a very small (and fast) digestive tract. The answer is yes, cats indeed can fart!

Whoever Smelt It...

The common misconception of farting is that because there is no sound, there is no fart. Clearly, people who think this never owned a dog! Nine times out of ten when it comes to cats (and dogs) you will not hear a sound or it will be a faint air-releasing sound like deflating a pool float. The reason there isn’t much sound is that they have an open anus. You will know it has happened when you smell it. Don’t let your cat blame you!

cat fart
Most cat farts are silent... Pew! Pew!

What Causes a Cat to Fart?

Common reasons that would cause a cat to fart are overeating, eating junk foods (human food), poor quality cat food, parasites, stomach bug (or flu), lactose digestive issues, obesity/overweight, and pregnancy. Some cats may fart if they over-play right after eating. 

How common is it? Well, more common than you think! Most of the time farting is seen (or rather smelled) most in kittens, seniors, and cats with digestive sensitivities.

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