DRONES! They are becoming quite popular nowadays but why should us humans reap all the benefits? That’s right! There is a drone that is not only easy to use, affordable, and adorable, BUT – is totally cat-friendly! Now, this is not just any drone, no. This was designed by a man who was fascinated with the way birds fly. This drone not only looks like a real bird but flies like one too!

The Bionic Bird Drone

the bionic bird drone
Edwin Van Ruymbeke with the Bionic Bird

The Bionic Bird Drone (created by Edwin Van Ruymbeke) is an amazing drone that mimics the flight patterns of a small bird. Available in both remote control and smartphone-enabled, it is versatile and easy to use for any age! The one that works with your smartphone uses an app program to help it take flight. There are also 3 other options, two of which have controllers and a deluxe kit available.

Visit mybionicbird.com to learn more about these amazing drones.

You can purchase a the XTIM BB1 Bionic Bird Deluxe Drone on Amazon.

Below is a video featuring the drone controlled by a child showing how fascinating it can be to a cat. This is hands down one of the best cat toys ever invented. Not only will it stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts but it also doubles as a great way to get your cat the exercise he or she needs. I don’t know about you, but I am sold!

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