Cat and dog

Do Cats Hate Dogs?

People can co-exist and accept hatred of one another. It happens in school, in the workplace, and even in families. What about cats, though? Are cats instinctively geared toward the hatred of dogs?

Cat hiding

5 Reasons Your Cat Pees on the Floor

No matter what box you buy or what litter you use, your cat always pees on the floor. If this is you, then read this! 5 most common reasons your cat pees on the floor.

Hissing Cat

Why Cats Will Never Be Domesticated

The word “domesticated” implies that said animal is able to live, coexist, and adapt to a certain lifestyle, that of a human standard. Here are 5 reasons cats are not domesticated.

Cat separation anxiety

Cats With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety refers to excessive fear or worry about separation from home or an attachment figure. Cats can suffer from this too, here are some symptoms to watch for.

Cat in blanket

What Attracts Your Cat?

You may be wondering what your cat prefers when it comes to colors, shapes, and patterns. This can be easily learned by watching their behavior.

10 Ways Your Cat Says

10 Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”

Cats may not be able to verbally describe their love for you, but they can do it with actions. Here are 10 ways your cat says “I love you”. Make sure you say it back!

Why Is My Cat Crying at Night?

Why Is My Cat Crying at Night?

Does your cat often wake you up at night crying? There are a number of reasons for this and a couple of ways you can correct it so you get back to sleeping well.

Deaf cat

Caring for a Deaf Cat

Older cats have a greater chance of becoming deaf, but it can happen at any age. If you have a deaf cat, you have to understand some things and make their life as easy as can be.

Cat tongue

5 Reasons Your Cat Licks You

If you were ever curious as to why your cat licks you, you may be surprised to learn the answer. Here are 5 reasons your cat is licking you!

Cat walking in leash

How to Walk Your Cat on a Leash

An outdoor enclosure can be too big or expensive for some, so why not leash train your cat instead? This guide will show you how to walk your cat on a leash!