9 Tips for Capturing Great Cat Pictures

Last Updated on April 13, 2020

It is estimated that over 15% of internet traffic is made up of one furry topic: CATS! They are easily the most talked about and publicly admired animals online. With all the cats in the online world, there are millions of pictures. While some of the most famous memes and GIFs are taken from poor quality photography, more and more people are realizing in order to get their feline to stand out online, they have to be good pictures. Here are 10 tips for getting great pictures of your cat!

1. Better in Pairs

When it comes to cat pictures, one thing we can all agree with is the more the merrier! Instead of focusing all your photos on one of your cats, include them all in the activity! When you showcase a great picture featuring two or more cats, you are able to gather the personality variations of them all in one shot. This is also great for people who love making conversational memes. Make sure your camera is able to focus in on the faces while having the background faded out. All focus should be on one thing; Your cats!

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Costumes

Nothing makes people “aww” more than a cat who is dressed up! Try out different items from fun collars to sweaters, even some cute hats! You do not want to go overboard here though. If you know your cat is not happy about wearing costumes or play-collars, it is best to avoid them. It is not worth making your cat unhappy to get a few laughs online. If you know your cat is okay with this, by all means, enjoy this! Not many cats will allow this to happen. Purchase items designed for small dogs or get creative and make your own!

3. Showcase the Holidays

If your cats do not mind dressing up in cute Christmas themed collars and will pose long enough to not attack any of your decor, using holiday themes in your pictures is a great way to make a picture fun! You can use cute themed collars and have your tree or lights in the background. If you want the focus on your cats, have them face you. If you want the focus on your tree or other decorations, get a view from the back. These make wonderful pictures that can even be turned into personable cards.

Don’t Force It!

Some cats don’t mind wearing clothing or fancy collars, others do. If your cat shows any sign of resistance, don’t force clothing on them.

4. Capture Them Playing

Cats love to play with just about anything you have lying around the house. Some of the most popular and funny pictures of cats online involve them being in mid-play. Try different things! Depending on the quality of your camera, you can capture them jumping in the air, catching toys, running, batting mice around, you get the idea! If you don’t have a good quality camera, opt for close-ups with your cat and a single toy. These always make cute pictures!

5. Close-Ups

Kitty-close ups where they are deep in their own thoughts make for some stunning pictures. When all focus is directed at the eyes, you can capture beautiful photos of your cat while his/her thoughts change. Often times, when a cat is relaxing, you will be able to get a great photo of them without the worry of it being blurry from movement, or them deciding they want to randomly jump up and run at you. Never use a flash, work with natural lighting! It hurts your kitty’s eyes and they will know to close them anyway.

6. Natural Lighting is Your Friend

Photos that are taken outdoors or near outdoor light always come out beautifully. You should know from taking your own selfies (YES, we all know you do!) that the best way to get the perfect lighting is to work with the sun. Natural light is also a great way to pick up the stunning and captivating look of your cat’s eyes. Pictures taken indoors with natural light shining through the windows picks up your cat’s beautiful markings and the true color of your cat’s coat as well.

7. Direct Their Attention

When you hold an item away from the camera or direct their vision in another direction, you will get amazing angles of your cat’s structure and face. As mentioned above, when you use a pair of cats for something like this, you will be able to see where their focus is drawn to. Did I mention that this is also a great way to get clear and funny pictures as well? Have some fun with it and take a steady flow of pictures, watch how the expressions on each cat’s face changes throughout the shots.

8. Nap Time is a Good Time

We can all agree that cats look absolutely adorable when they are sleepy. Taking pictures of your cats while they are in mid-nap or already sleeping allows you to get amazing shots with very little effort. They basically do all the work for you! Make sure to catch them while there is good lighting available. Don’t disturb their sleep with flashes or turning the light on them. We don’t like this being done to us, they don’t like it either! If you have a cat who sleeps in various positions, capture them all! It would make a cute collage.

9. Quick Shots While Cleaning

When your cat gets done eating, or they are enjoying a mid-day “bath”, grab your camera! This is the easiest way to get silly and funny pictures of your cat’s face. You will want to keep snapping as they do their work. Don’t be afraid to make some slight noise or direct their attention to you while they are cleaning. This can make for some hilarious pictures with the tongue hanging out. Don’t make them uncomfortable by getting in too close and as mentioned above, don’t use those flashes!

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