Meowy Catsmas!

Last Updated on April 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again. Broken ornaments, knocked over trees, and all the hair-filled cookies you can eat! If you are like me, you celebrate your holidays with your whole family, including your cats. Why not bring some new feline traditions to this holiday? Who says it has to all be about us!? Here are some great ways to have a very Meowy Catsmas this year!

Cat-Friendly Tree

Let’s face the facts here people, most cats want nothing more than to destroy, de-skirt, and bat every last one of those ornaments off the tree. Instead of being traditional, let’s be creative instead! Using your imagination (and maybe some woodworking skills) you can make a fantastic cat-friendly tree that can double as a shelving system for presents! It is a win-win. The cats will be able to enjoy the seating until the gifts are placed there and they will have no problem passing out gifts either! Well, not so much passing… more like pushing them… onto the floor… sigh.

Cat-Friendly Tree Ideas

Check out 5 Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree Options for some amazing and easy DIY Christmas tree ideas!

Cat Decor

Why is Halloween the only holiday where people use cats in their decor? BAH HUMBUG! Let’s end that tradition right meow! Instead of using snowman, that fat ol’ creepy man, or the gingerbread non-sense try incorporating fun and playful cat items. Use cat-shaped lamps, cat ornaments, sting together some cheap colorful mice to line the fireplace, use catnip instead of fake snow, and heck while we are at it just swap out the stockings for paper or plastic bags! Think of decorating your house as if you were celebrating your cat’s birthday. Not only will your cat enjoy this but your whole family will be fully convinced that you swam way off the deep end!

Catsmas Sweater

Have yourself a very meowy little Catsmas and wear your favorite cat-themed sweater this year! Don’t have one? Well, you are just in luck! There are several options online whether you celebrate “Catmas” or “Catsmas”. Since I have more than one cat, I celebrate Catsmas myself because the more the meowier.

Cat Colors

The traditional colors for Christmas are always red and green. I don’t know about you, but I prefer one or the other, not both combined! Cats see red and green brighter than other colors, but blue is included on this list as well.

Instead of doing red and green decor, try green and blue or blue and red. You can also pick one of the three colors with a lower pigmented shade for your cat to offer a more vivid pop! If you can’t choose just two colors, and I don’t blame you, pick them all! Make your house a sea of rainbow-barf! Kids and cats alike will enjoy this!

Cat Presents

I am not joking here! Many people do this for their pets anyways. They sell cat stockings in pet shops. What I like to do it wrap up some toys in tissue paper but I add some catnip before sealing them off. Avoid using curling ribbon as some cats will eat it. I do this a few weeks in advance so the toys soak up some of the scent as well as the paper. Come Catsmas morning, they will actually open their gifts! I kid you not! I have been doing it with my oldest cat since he was a kitten. He actually expects toys each year. If he even thinks I forgot, he will have a fit and start chewing on everything and knocking things over. So selfish! He is more human than people give him credit for!

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