Topeakmart Cat Tree Review

Last Updated on January 7, 2022

It is no secret that cats love to run, jump, climb, and scratch things. A brilliant way to encourage this natural behavior while keeping your own furniture safe is by investing in a cat tree. There are tons of options on the market in a variety of textures, heights, shapes, and colors so it can be overwhelming to know what your cat will enjoy. While shopping for one at a pet store can be a convenient way of seeing the product in person and knowing if it will be right for your cat, it often comes with a higher price tag at no expense of the product being built better. Topeakmart offers high-quality cat trees that are not only built to last but are affordable for most cat owners. We are going to take a closer look at the 69.5″ inch cat tree model and share with you our hands-on experience with this tree. We will also share what our cats thought about the product. There will be a 15% off discount code for the tree at the end of the review, so keep reading!

Specifications and Key Features

This cat tree is made using Eco-friendly E1-compliant particleboard that is not only safe for you and your cat but safe for the environment. The natural sisal rope used on the posts is well fastened and secure for many years of use. Cats will love the plush feel of the skin-friendly, hypoallergenic covering that comes in your choice of light or dark gray. Standing at just over 69 inches tall, this tree provides a great height of nearly 6 feet for your cat to enjoy while being safe. The overall length and width is 23.5 x 21.5 for a large yet compact surface space for both medium and large cats to enjoy. Here are some of the key features that make this tree stand out:

  • Excellent surface space for medium and large cats alike to fit comfortably
  • Stable and heavy base with a wall attachment safety strip both prevent accidental tips
  • A total of 9 surfaces allow for multiple cats to enjoy the tree without territorial disputes
  • Lower level hammock, tube, and upper-level dangling toy encourage movement and play
  • Extra-large cubby box that will fit cats up to 25 pounds comfortably
  • Suspending nesting cup that supports medium-sized cats for a resting area
  • Cushioned top platform is great for cats that crave heights
  • Eleven different posts wrapped with sisal rope for scratching needs
  • Easy to assemble with very clear instructions, everything included in the box
  • Tall yet compact which is perfect for studio and apartment dwellers
  • Available in two color options, dark gray and light gray

First Impressions

The cat tree arrived in a compact box that was relatively heavy (about 50 pounds) but easy to move. Opening and unpackaging everything was a breeze. Everything was neatly packaged and no damages were found on any of the parts. There was a total of 27 pieces, not including hardware, with no extra tools needed for assembly.

Setting Up

When setting up this cat tree, be sure to have it in the general area you plan on keeping it as it is fairly hard to move once fully assembled. You can expect to spend 45 minutes to over an hour assembling the tree. Timing myself, it took me about an hour and 20 minutes to get done with one cat “helping” the process. The parts are numbered with easy to follow instructions, I recommend sorting the pieces out before building. Some parts were harder than others to assemble but it helps to use the included tool to align the holes for easier attachment when placing in the screws. One person can easily assemble this by themselves but older folks may need assistance.

Thoughts From the Cats

We have three adult male cats of various sizes, activity levels, and ages. One is roughly a year and a half and weighs 10 pounds, the second one is 4 years old and weighs 20 pounds, and the third is 13 and weighs about 14 pounds.

The youngest took to the tree right away and was climbing on it as it was being built. He was very excited to use the posts and roll around on the platforms. He is the most playful of our three cats and really enjoys it. He fits on every area without any issues at all. Once it was fully assembled, he spent the entire day in it napping, playing, and exploring everything. Every day since it was set up, he has been on it.

Next up is our twenty-pounder. He did not approach the tree until it was fully built. While he is not as playful, he still enjoys playing with the youngest cat and a few different toys. We had to put him on the tree at first as he was not sure he could jump onto it. He is very well trained not to jump onto areas where we don’t allow it so this was likely why. At first, he was a bit scared since this tree is taller than the one he was previously used to. He got down after a few moments and watched the youngest playing on it. After maybe 30 minutes or so, he got up there on his own and was exploring it. His favorite spot is the cubby and since the tree has been assembled, he lays in there every day.

Finally, our senior cat had a try on the tree. He didn’t want to jump up on his own so we placed him up there. He stayed on it for a few minutes and then the youngest cat upset him so he got down. We tried again a bit later and did still didn’t want to be on it. The next day he got onto it on his own and was laying up there for awhile on the top padded platform sleeping. He has never liked cat trees all that much so seeing him use it on his own was a treat.

Where to Buy

You can purchase one of these trees for your cat (or kitties) at – Click here to buy
Be sure to use the coupon code before for a 15% off discount for your first tree with Topeakmart!

Closing Thoughts

The tree is very sturdy and well made, we can tell it will last many years of us. It was easy to put together and we are sure many other cats out there will enjoy this one as it offer ample space and room to play. Similar trees at other stores sell this size cat tree for as much as double the cost, sometimes more. You truly do get a lot of value for your dollar here. We can recommend this tree for cats up to 25 pounds however cats 15 pounds or less will be able to make the most use of all the platforms and spaces.

A special thank you to Topeakmart for sending us the cat tree, it is already being used and enjoyed by our cats!

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